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Erin Prystowski, LMT

She graduated from Sanford Brown in 2005.  She enjoys therapeutic relaxation, deep tissue, Swedish, sports massage, pre-natal massage, and trigger point therapy.  She helps the client relax their body, mind, and spirit.

Mary Hurley, LMT  
(Both Locations)

Mary graduated from The Amherst School of Massage Therapy in 2005 (now The Massage School).  She  enjoys  therapeutic deep tissue sports massage, and uses  trigger point therapy, Relaxation and pre-natal massage.  Mary is also trained in Shiatsu. She has training in Accupressure Facial Massage.

Steve Nodurf, LMT  (Both Locations)

A 2003 graduate of Amherst School of Massage Therapy (now The Massage School).  He holds cerfications in Cranial Sacral Therapy and is a Reiki Master/Teacher.  These skills allow him to work deeply with a client on many levels.  Steve enjoys running, cycling, and obstacle course races.  He also has an interest in how people move and how to help them move better.  He has earned a Crossfit level 1 certificate in the effort to educate clients on fitness and movement.  Also is certified in functional movement taping (i.e. athletic taping).  All of these things have made Steve a better massage therapist.  He understands movement and dysfunction better.  He is able to work the energertic body of the client.   The goal is always to effect change and his background helps him to achieve this.  

Kristin Palano, LMT

She graduated from The Massage School in 2008.  She enjoys therapeutic relaxation , deep tissue massage, and  is experienced in pre-natal massage.  Kristin is also trained in Hot Stone massage.

Debra Buchanan, LMT

She is a 2010 graduate of The Massage School.  Deb is an intuitive and caring professional with a positive enthusiastic attitude.  She enjoys deep tissue, therapeutic relaxation, sports massage, Shiatsu, and pre-natal massage.  Deb is also certified in health, wellness, nutrition, and personal training.

Oksana Dunn, LMT

She is a 2012 graduate of Springfield Technical Community College, Department of Massage Therapy.  Oksana  has the ability to offer a variety of massage treatments. Oksana enjoys therapeutic relaxation massage, and she also has pre-natal experience.   Oksana is level 1 Reiki certified.


Soraya Walker, LMT (Both Locations)

She is 2014 graduate of Branford Hall Career Institute.  Soraya enjoys Swedish massage, deep tissue work, and sports massage.  She has experience with Hot stones, and prenatal massage.


Jen Rys, LMT  (Both locations)

Graduated from Bancroft School of Massage Therapy in 2014.  She was trained in Sports massasge, range of motion work, and some Thai techniques.  She enjoys sports massage, and  Swedish relaxation massage.

Tricia Daley, LMT

She graduated from the Massage School in 2011 while teaching yoga/meditation/pranayama since 2009.  Drawn to the ever-evolving balance of the human experience, she has found herself continually in healing fields of work.  She began her education receiving a BA in Education and Psychology, followed by several years employeed as a Wilderness Therapy Guide/Counselor.  This progression led her to work and study at ther Omega Institute, which eventually gave way to her current trade.  Trained in Reiki, deep tissue, swedish, reflexlolgy,  and basic Thai massage.  Trisha combines modalities for each healing experience.  As a collegiate athlete and an avid outdoor enthusiast, combined with healing through Lyme Disease and herniation in her cervical spine, she is able to intergrate all life experiences for individual needs.  Trisha travels seasonally through out the year for both work and fun !!  Currently she has returned Western Mass where her roots are deep and it always feels like home.

Diana Long, LMT (both locations)

She graduated from Cortiva Institute-Boston 2013. Diana is passionate about customizing sessions to fit the goals of each client, offering Deep Tissue, Hot Stone, Reflexology, and Reiki to her treatments.  She enjoys working with all clients whether for relaxation, athletes, chronic pain, or energy healing.

Michelle Belden, LMT

She graduated from Branford Hall Career Institute.  Michelle incorporates the most efficient and innovative massage therapy techniques to help individuals achieve optimal health.  She utilizes touch to integrate a full variety of massage modalities to ensure her clients reach their full potential of vitality.  It is Michelle's belief that theraputic bodywork can provide healing to the mind, spirit and soul, she welcomes the opportunity to work with individuals who want to invest in the quality of their overall health and well-being.